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Helping Winchester children with their science education

The PSA are leading an initiative to improve science education for pupils at primary schools across the Winchester area.

The PSA are helping to fund a re-furbishment of the existing science labs at The Westgate School.

This increased capacity will allow children from other primary schools to share the benefits of early access to science as part of their curriculum.

The project will cost £75,000 and has been shortlisted by the Aviva Community Fund to receive a grant of up to £10,000 if enough votes are received.

Outreach to other schools is an important part of the project, enabling younger children to learn about science by giving them access to facilities that their own schools don't have.

Supporting the project costs nothing - simply view the details at this link, register as a voter and back the project! Each registration allows you ten votes, costs you nothing and you won't get spam e-mails as a result. We'd love you to have a look at the project and inspire friends and family to sign up to help as well!

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