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Little Lifesavers - working with a charity

Little LifeSavers is a charitable organisation born from the drop-in sessions teaching Basic Life Support (BLS) skills including management of choking children/ Child Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) / Adult CPR and the Recovery Position organised by Dr Barbara Stanley (consultant anaesthetist) and delivered by junior doctors in West Sussex during the Junior Doctors Strike Action.

Little Lifesavers Charity

The charity's Winchester team is run by Doctor Lucinda Winckworth, a consultant paediatrician based at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital.

On the 19th October, the charity came to The Westgate School to teach basic life support skills to their Year 4 children.

The course allowed 60 children to learn the basics of :

  • How to recognise choking or cardiac arrest in another child,

  • How to call for help

  • How to manage a choking child

  • How to perform continuous CPR on adults and children

  • The recovery position

The course is a fantastic example of how the PSA can put charities in touch with the school to organise events that are focused around pupils. Little LifeSavers hopes to make this an annual event at The Westgate School. If your school or organisation would like to work with them, then feel free to make contact via their website.

We love the concept and are very grateful for the work of the doctors and volunteers who arranged the sessions.

Interested in sponsoring this event in future? E-mail us at .

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