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How do you market your business at Christmas?

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

Winchester is about the most Christmassy city in England. With a well-known Christmas market that attracts thousands of international visitors, the whole place is "in the mood" throughout the month of December. Is your company taking advantage?

The Westgate School PSA at Christmas

Christmas is pretty much our busiest time of year. Not only are we stuffing turkeys and wrapping presents for our own children, but we are also busy making sure that the year finishes with a bang for the children.

This means that it is the ideal time for your business to be getting in front of the family market to give them ideas for those gifts and services which you provide.

The Christmas Fair

Our Christmas Fair attracts over 2,500 people each year, many of them from outside the school community. The Fair itself is run by PSA volunteers but we actively encourage stalls from local businesses to join us for the event.

Did you know that the average British family spends over £800 extra during the Christmas period? What better time and place than to set up a stall right in front of your target market!

We can offer sponsorship packages and stalls at our Fair. We don't attract as many visitors as the larger Winchester Christmas Market, but we probably offer a more focused event with a higher amount of through-traffic per hour and in a much smaller footprint, leaving you closer to your potential customers.

Interested in having a stall or sponsoring the event? Contact us on

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