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Part of the Community

The Westgate School recognises that it is part of the wider Hampshire Community and both staff and pupils are keen to give back as much as they receive from local organisations. 

Pupils are taught that not only are they representing the school, but also the entire city of Winchester, especially when they are travelling nationally and internationally as part of educational or extra-curricular activities. 

Westgate's engagement is designed to expose the children to all age groups and backgrounds. Whether it is helping the younger children at our in-school nursery or visiting care homes in the area at Christmas, they are part of an active community programme.


Events that are scheduled throughout the year include :


  • raising money for local charities

  • performing concerts at the world-renowned cathedral

  • singing carols on the wards of the Royal Hampshire Hospital

We welcome inquiries from local organizations who would like help with volunteering or outreach. 


Little Life Savers is a charity that seeks to teach Year 6 children how to perform CPR in the event of an emergency. Westgate provided facilities for them to come in and spend an afternoon with our children, teaching them a valuable skill and helping the charity to broaden its reach in the area.

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